April 1st, 2005

Frank and Tim by logand


Ask a Bald, Morally Ambiguous Cop

I wandered over after seeing this link posted in the_barn, because who's the bald morally-ambiguous Emmy-winning cop of the moment? Vic Mackey, of course. Imagine my glee at seeing the first question answered by *dum da dum*... Frank Pembleton!

The only question, of course, is where they got the "morally ambigious" out of Frank. Frank's not morally ambiguous. Frank's Always Right.

In totally unrelated news, I really wish they'd keep the "Processing Whining" after April Fool's Day. Because let's face it, that's what LiveJournal is really for.

EDIT: Oh man! They've even got Hauk and Carver from The Wire!
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