April 21st, 2005

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No, I'm not dead. Did you miss me?

I must have gotten boring, because I never post anymore. I guess somewhere along the way my momma must have told me "If you don't have anything good to post, don't post anything at all." Except for the fact that my mother doesn't know what posting or LJ is and I'd die if she found out.

Anyway, random shit:

  • I've decided that I want -- nay, need -- "Bitch, please" engraved on my tombstone.

  • Tomorrow night is my Margarita Birthday party at Blue Moon Pizza on Windy Hill Road in Smyrna. All are welcome, just don't get between me and my rumtini.

  • Last night I was watching the most excellent show Eyes when it occurred to me that a particular friend of mine might really enjoy it and I ought to mention it to him. Then I realized that what I was going to say was "Have you been watching Eyes? Dude, this shit is the bomb." At which point I started wondering if I'd lost the ability to give a well-reasoned recommendation and if I really do swear to much. Help me settle this.

"This shit is the bomb" is...

a clear recommendation of something truly excellent.
a string of profanities showing Kelly's lack of imagination.

  • So anyway, wacko1138, are you watching Eyes? This shit is the bomb. </span>

  • After months of neglecting my tresses, they have returned to typical Kellinator style. I got an excellent cut from bellwitch last week (someone needs to remind me not to let my hair get long, even though I love long hair on other people [like my adorable boyfriend], because with my fine limp hair it looks like ass), and last night I slathered on the dye (Feria, Sunset Blaze) to return to my feels-more-natural-than-my-natural-color redness. Mom will not be pleased. For some reason she loathes my red hair and takes it as a personal insult. bellwitch theorized that at some point, a redhead pissed my mom off but good. bellwitch is really smart. </span></span></span></span>

  • </span></span></span>

  • </span>

  • Behold the most excellent icon that football_swan has created. Viva la redheads!
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