July 20th, 2005

Religious Left by mhari

Where is the Christ in your Christianity?

I posted a few weeks back about the Christian Alliance for Progress. Looks like the Religious Right has noticed us and decided they can take some time out from their usual hate targets to tell us we're not really Christian.

Here's Jerry Falwell's email on the subject.

The Christian Alliance is encouraging its members to send their own emails to Jerry Falwell. Here's mine.

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Of course, there's the question of why I'm even bothering, since I'm pretty sure trying to get Jerry Falwell to consider a different point of view is the verbal equivalent of beating your head against a brick wall, but I felt like I needed to put it down. Like, and this sounds awfully pretentious and that makes me feel guilty, but like someone might see it and it would make them think. Not that I think I'm brilliant or anything. But I just don't understand how people keep coming up with this crap. It doesn't even resemble what I believe in. Am I that far-out, or are they?

I've struggled with the question of what if I'm wrong? What if God really is what the Religious Right says He is, a being who hates homosexuals and liberals? And the conclusion I've reached is, if God is like that, a being who has nothing to do with the love Christ preached, I think I'd rather go to hell.

I'm sitting here at my desk halfway about to cry over it. There's nothing I can do to fix this.

And the thing that hurts me the most is that Michael's father, a man I adore, a man who has treated me better than my own father, is totally in with the Religious Right and would probably totally agree with everything Falwell said. And if I showed him what I just wrote and poured my heart into, he would tell me that I'm wrong. And that hurts.
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