July 22nd, 2005

Count D

cute fuzzy animals are trying to eat my brains

I am a zombie this morning. Know why? Because I was up half the night bingeing.

...Binge-reading, that is.

The biggest success so far of Michael's plot to turn me into an otaku-chick is Pet Shop of Horrors. Which is kind of amusing to me because I'm really not a big fan of horror (me to Michael, half an hour into Resident Evil: "You didn't say this was a zombie movie!") and that's what Pet Shop of Horrors is billed as. Though it's really more Twilight Zone, I guess. Sort of gothic-urban-fantasy or something. And the art! I'm far more verbal than visual, so though I love comics, I've usually been there for the story, and the art is just kind of incidental. I mean, I appreciate pretty art (mmmmmm Bigby Wolf!), but you'll see me picking up a comic with good writing and crappy art, not one with crappy writing and great art. But the art for this is so beautiful and brings so much to the story. I could just stare at it for hours. And mmmmmmm, Count D. I could stare at him for hours. (That's him in the icon, but the anime version; he's far prettier in the manga, and this is coming from someone who generally doesn't care for androgynous pretty boys.) I've been on an unsuccessful hunt for Volume 2 for weeks and finally turned to the Barnes and Noble website. Volumes 2 through 5 arrived yesterday (very quickly -- another good reason for me to order from them instead of Amazon, in addition to the buy-blue factor), and I just couldn't stop myself from staying up way too late gorging myself on the beautiful freakiness.

...Which was maybe not so smart, as 1). I missed a lot of sleep and 2). the sleep I did get was not very good, due to dreams about the freaky creatures from Count D's pet store trying to snack on me.

This is perturbing me. I once stayed up till 3 in the morning reading The Green Mile. No nightmares. Am I getting susceptible to suggestion in my old age?

Maybe the coffee will help. I had some rotgut coffee and then I bounced around and talked really fast and scared my boss. It seems to be wearing off, though, which doesn't portend so well for the rest of the day.
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