September 20th, 2005

lion by weaktwos

Memes: for when you don't know what to post about

I just hit the button to see what would come up, and lo and behold, it actually asked about interests I'd want to talk about. They also came out pretty political, so consider yourself warned.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bruce campbell:
    Bruce Campbell is the man. Most of you already know this. In fact, just last night I made plans for a viewing of the Boomstick Editio of Army of Darkness. Man, I wish Jack of All Trades were on DVD -- what's not to love about an anachronistic, innuendo-laden action-comedy featuring Mini-Me as Napoleon? It was so much better than the other half of the back-to-back action hour, Cleopatra 2525, known not-so-affectionately to my college buddies as "Prostitutes in Space."
  2. creative profanity:
    I started this interest. The idea is, if regular profanity is good, creative profanity is much better. If you can come up with a combination of swears never heard before, you get such a feeling of accomplishment.
  3. f. scott fitzgerald:
    Author of my favorite novel, The Great Gatsby. Pure poetry.
  4. glitter:
    You really have to ask? I like glitter. It's shiny. Sparkly, too. Look, I have sparkly dice! (This interest brought to you by the Foundation for People Easily Distracted by Shiny Objects.)
  5. judd winick:
    One of my favorite comics writers (and yes, that guy from The Real World: San Francisco). Pedro and Me made me openly weep in the middle of a Barnes and Noble. Barry Ween made me laugh till I cried. I met him a couple of DragonCons ago; very nice guy.
  6. not suffering fools lightly:
    Despite the fact that I am in fact rather timid and shy away from confrontation, and also the fact that my job requires me to occasionally suffer fools whether I like it or not, I think that people should at least make an effort not to act the fool and enjoy seeing a righteous smackdown or, on the rare occasions when I have the balls, administering one myself.
  7. republican-baiting:
    Despite that dislike for confrontation, I also feel that if you're going to make political statements, you should be able to back them up. This belief most memorably led to my questioning a woman with a bumper sticker declaring the terrorists wanted Kerry to win why September 11 had happened on Bush's watch. She didn't like being challenged to think. Much like Bush.
  8. sifl and olly:
    Sifl and Olly were a couple of sock puppets who had a very absurd show on MTV in the late '90s. I adored it and thought it was hysterical; my college friends thought I was insane. What's even more frightening is that it came on weeknights, so I can assure you I was not, in fact, drunk at the time.
  9. they might be giants:
    My faaaaaaaaaaavorite band to see live. I've seen them four times and they never get old. Plus, deliciously geeky.
  10. yellow-dog democrats:
    The origin of this expression is the Southern phrase "I'd vote for a yellow dog before I'd vote for a Republican." My identification with this phrase these days has less to do with loyalty to the Democrats, who couldn't find their way out of a wet paper bag, than my level of disgust with Republicans. I'm sure that there are some good ones out there, but as I told a classmate years ago, if you let Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms do your speaking for you, of course you're going to be the party of racists, and as I'm saying now, if you let W call the shots, of course you're going to be the party of assholes and idiots.

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