October 1st, 2005


Motherfucker, Vandy!!

The killer about being a Vanderbilt fan (from birth) and a Vandy student (1996) and a Vandy alum (2000) is that YOU'RE ALWAYS GOING TO SUCK AND EVERYONE'S ALWAYS GOING TO MAKE FUN OF YOU. At least when it comes to football. NOT THAT I EVEN LIKE FOOTBALL. FOOTBALL IS BORING.

Well the thing is, improbably, Vandy's football team was off to a 4-0 start. Against GOOD teams.

And then what the fuck do they do? They go and lose to M-T-S-Fucking-U. At home. You might as well bend over and take it from... ummm... insert something utterly ridiculous here.

Good thing I'm already shitfaced, because otherwise I'd need a motherfucking drink.
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