November 8th, 2005


Why yes, I am insane. Thank you for noticing!

I decided Heidi needed her own Catster page. (If your cat has one, add her!) Katie's will follow as soon as I have a picture of her (hopefully soon). I expect hers will be funnier because Katie hasn't yet developed feline grace and falls off stuff a lot while Heidi generally just sits around and glares.

...Actually, I'm not being fair to Heidi. Heidi spends substantial amounts of time up and playing, moreso than Katie (who nonetheless sometimes jumps in and annoys Heidi, who's more likely to hang back a bit). True to her foster mom's word, Katie just likes to sit on my lap and get petted. Yay! I have a lap kitty! Heidi actually jumped up on my lap twice last weekend, which is huge. She was extremely pissed that I dared to collar her, though. (Katie was getting too curious about the door for my comfort, so now they have tags. They don't know how close they came to having rhinestone-studded collars, because as I have previously stated, I like bling.)

It was really hard for me to drag my carcass out of bed this morning, because they were both curled up next to me.
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