December 8th, 2005

Gotham Central

Of Gotham Central and stupid fanboys (with liberal use of the word "fuck")

As most of you comics fans have probably heard by now, Gotham Central is ending with issue #40, in two months. Despite DC's rather crummy treatment of the book (the excruciatingly sloooooooow release of the trade paperbacks, including Half a Life, which should have been released five minutes after it won the Eisner), the book is not being cancelled. Rather, Greg Rucka decided he didn't want to continue it without co-founders Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark (damn you, Marvel, damn you and your exclusive contracts!), as he explains in this interview.

I hate to see it go. Going to the comics store won't be the same without it. But then I think of all the friends I've introduced to Homicide, and how I have to warn them that seasons 6 and 7 suck, and how sometimes I've wished that it had ended with dignity at the end of Season 5, before Falsone, before Kay getting transferred out, before "got beat down got my gun took." Part of me is grateful that I will never have to explain why the last year of Gotham Central was a pale imitation of what came before. Rucka is claiming that DC plans to collect the entire run in trades. I'll believe it when I hold those trades in my hand and not a minute before, but I have every single issue, and I will treasure those forty issues as comic-book-cop perfection, crystallized in time.

*cue violins*

Anyway, as soon as I got off work yesterday I ran to get Gotham Central #38 and read it right in the store. Yep, Gotham Central is going out with a bang. Collapse )

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