April 4th, 2006


help needed

It's really pathetic that these days I only post when I need help with something but... does anyone out there have the ancient program Paint Shop Pro? Your help is needed badly.

EDIT: Problem solved! Thanks to you all!
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Religious Left by mhari

Whatever you do, don't think.

I just received an interlibrary loan from Bob Jones University (yes, I know, it's an oxymoron) and was struck by the large, bright pink notice pasted inside the front cover:

"The fact that this volume is included in the Bob Jones University Library does not mean that the University endorses its contents from the standpoint of morals, philosophy, theology, or scientific hypotheses. The position of Bob Jones University on these subjects is well known.

In order to standardize the work and validate the credits of Bob Jones University, it is sometimes necessary to include in this library books whose contents the University cannot wholly endorse."

I am translating this as...

"OMG the awful liberal educated people who run accreditation boards say we have to have a library with more than one opinion in it or they won't let us call ourselves a university!! Well, fine, but WE DON'T LIKE IT!! So here, have this book, but don't you DARE think about it for yourself!!"

Hey, doesn't Bob Jones know what they say about pink?

When I showed this to a co-worker, she told me about Pensacola Christian College, which makes Bob Jones look like a party school in comparison. She mentioned in particular the rule that students of the opposite sex cannot look at each other too intently, lest they commit "optical intercourse", colloquially known as "making eye babies." I replied that these people clearly are the ones with dirty minds, as they see sex absolutely everywhere.

I'd really like to wrap this up with a pithy comment, but I'm too aghast to come up with one, so I'll just state that these lunatics do more harm than good to Christianity. It's impossible to provide witness when people like these ensure Christians have a reputation as idiots. Jesus, save me from Your followers.
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Jon Stewart by theiconized2x4

and in the interests of recognizing that there are wackos on the left as well as the right

I'm signed up on a bunch of progressive email lists, and maybe I'm just getting cynical in my old age, but they sound awfully off to me today.

Example #1: Moveon.org emailed asking me to call Rep. Cynthia McKinney to vote "no" on a resolution. Well, I could... but check the news, I don't know if she has time to fit that into her busy schedule of being COMPLETELY FUCKING BATSHIT.

Example #2: Democracy for America says Tom DeLay is being a chicken and therefore for every $50 raised today, they will send him a rubber chicken. How many fucking rubber chickens do you need to make your point? And don't you dare ask me for any more money when you're spending it on rubber fucking chickens. This shit is why people call us the party of fiscal irresponsibility.
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