May 17th, 2006

SVU by frey_at_last

SVU, how you mock all semblance of intelligence

Thanks to The Shield and then Thief coming on at the same time, and the fact that I really can't wait for The Shield even though I could go ahead and watch SVU at 10 and catch The Shield an hour later, but I just can't wait for that show because it's pure adrenaline-laced crack, and can something be pure if it's also laced with something, but I like the phrase so I'm keeping it, and anyway this is a ridiculous run-on sentence that doesn't make any sense, but the point is I haven't been watching SVU and therefore I haven't been making those ranty posts about it and you haven't missed them. But anyway... here are the text messages scarcrest and I exchanged during the season finale.

kellinator: omg are you watching this shit?!
scarcrest: SVU? Not yet. I'm watching House now; that's up next so I can skip the commercials. It's a Tom Cruise takeoff, right?
kellinator: omg omg omg this shit is unfuckingbelievable.
scarcrest: Good unbelievable or bad unbelievable?
kellinator: omg omg omg my eyeballs are bleeding...
scarcrest: That doesn't sound good. About to watch it now.
kellinator: omg omg omg dick wolf needs to fucking diiiiiie.

From my messages, Jason figured Munch must have been killed off. No, my beloved Munchkin continues to wither on the vine because THEY WON'T WRITE HIM A FUCKING PART.

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