June 12th, 2006

James and Kelly

I can confirm the reports...

James showed up at Margarita Friday around 10 Friday night. He was wearing his best suit and carrying a big bouquet of flowers. He gave me the flowers, and while I was ooohing over them, he pulled out the ring (ice blue sapphire, rose gold setting) and said "so, I was wondering if you would be my wife?"

I heard someone squeal, and then I looked around the room and saw my friends (and I was so thrilled to have so many of you there) cheering. I threw my arms around him and to the surprise of absolutely no one, I said yes. 

I'm just so happy to have found him. I keep trying to put into words what he means to me, and I can't quite do it, but he's everything I ever dreamed of and never thought I'd find.

Yes, James. Today and always, yes.

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Bridezilla by helichrysm

administrative stuff

With weddings come... wedding filters. Opt in below.

And anyone who has any tips for doing this whole wedding thing inexpensively (and maybe even elegantly), I'm listening. No actually, I'm begging. Please. The only way I'll bring this sucker in under budget is if I start planning now.

Want to be on my wedding filter?

Yes! I love wedding stuff!
No. I'd rather you punch me in the head with one of those Precious Moments caketoppers.

Any advice for pulling off an inexpensive wedding?

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