June 20th, 2006


Good grief, my cat is stupid.

First of all, Heidi wants you all to know that she is Not Amused that her picture is being used for this post. However, I do not currently have a Katie icon. ellimayhem and I finally figured out the reason for Katie's unbelievable cuteness: she has a tiny head and huge eyes, for that Anime Kitty effect. Unfortunately, she always squints when the flash on my camera goes off and therefore the adorable is lost.

Also, Katie chews on damn near everything. Including my glasses and James' glasses as well.

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Steve Nash by __lovenhate

NBA ramblings

You know, when the Finals started I was really not rooting for one particular team, though I'll say I was 60-40 leaning towards the Mavs. But after all the freakin' whining, I've decided what the hell, let's go Heat.

Also, I like ariedana's theory that Mark Cuban ruined his karma when he went on Letterman and made fun of my basketball boyfriend Steve Nash.

James, who is not really a sports fan, has been a real trooper about the three-month march through the playoffs, but I think it's starting to make him goofy. Sunday night he decided that since I'd decided to pull for the Heat, he was going to be for the Mavs just to annoy me. His stated reason was that "they wear blue jerseys." This led to him randomly yelling "Go blue team!" during the game and "Stupid red team!" afterwards. Apparently the similarity to PVP shootouts contained in those statements amused him.
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