September 14th, 2006

crime by chicating

Because I know you've missed my political rants. And even if you haven't, here's one anyway.

Michigan debates law requiring girls to get HPV vaccinations, Religious Right throws fit that this will encourage promiscuity

This makes me so ill that I just want to break something.

For one thing, this argument defies logic. A middle-schooler gets a shot, and it causes her to go out and fuck everything in sight? Yeah right. There are lots of things that could lead to a middle-schooler acting out through sex -- sexual abuse, crappy parenting -- but a simple vaccination is not one of them. Hell, most kids can't remember what all they're being vaccinated for. They're kids. They shouldn't have to worry about that stuff. Hey, why are all these anti-sex types so convinced that all anyone ever thinks about is sex anyway? Could it be that they're ...projecting?

And stuff like this makes their true agenda of sexism all the more apparent. HPV is a woman's problem -- at least 80 percent of women will have it by the time they're 50. Sure, men get it too -- how do they think the women get it? -- but since they don't have a cervix to develop cervical cancer, no harm, no foul. Even if you buy in to these wackos' reprehensible line that the only women who deserve to be safe are the ones who save it all for their husband -- well, they can get it too, as hubby was not held to the same standards of purity. These people are convinced that sex is something women do on their own; I don't know what they call their own peccadilloes. What gives? Do these men not realize that if they kill all us sluts, they'll have to do each other? OH NOES TEH GAY!!!!

Well, at least there's something to be happy about: the bipartisan group of female lawmakers who came up with this bill. Now that's what I call true American heroines.