January 9th, 2007

Steve Nash by __lovenhate

bitching about a sport I don't even like

Well, congratulations to the Florida Gators, national champions according to the BCS (Bullshit Computer Stupidity). Please don't smack me, heathrow. I admit I was one of the haters who didn't think Florida deserved to be in the title game. I mean, they nearly blew it in the fourth quarter against Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt. I love my alma mater and I think our team was actually a lot better this year than their final record suggested, but still, it's Vanderbilt. If Vandy trumps you on yardage, I'm just not sure you deserve to be playing for the national championship. Oh well, shows what I know. The whole menu of BCS bowls shows what anyone knows, with so many of the late-season contenders getting pwned. Yes, I said that.

And the bowls! I thought all the Salad Bowls and Toilet Bowls with 6-6 teams were over in 2006, but they've stretched well into the new year. I hate to bash on the bowls too much, because it's a nice opportunity for kids from Middle Tennessee State to get to play on the national stage, but really, if you went 6-6 in the SEC, do you really deserve a bowl? More mid-majors and lower, less mediocrity from the big boys. 

So the bazillion bowls and adding another game to the regular schedule while claiming that a playoff would take too long and impede the student-athletes' education (like an extra game won't?) is really making me think about how much bullshit it is that the powers that be won't institute an actual playoff. Apparently because they suck. Look at how much everyone hates and totally ignores March Madness. Yes, it's much more fun to waste 40% of the season screaming about the polls and the BCS instead of talking about, y'know, actual sports.
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