August 13th, 2007

stupidheads by damn_squiggly

Oh MPAA, what will we do with you?

I was stuck in traffic last week and I glanced over at the MARTA bus next to me and noticed it had a big ad on the side for Captivity, the torture-porn bomb that's already out of theaters, I think. I wondered idly if that few people are looking to advertise on MARTA, and then, because I had nothing else to do at the red light, I read the MPAA's reasoning for the R rating:

Rated R for strong violence, torture, pervasive terror, grizzly images, language and some sexual material. 

I read through that. Something was wrong. I read through it again.

Grizzly images. 

I swear. That's how it was spelled.

And I thought, well, I guess they can't ever do a Berenstein Bears movie, it'll get an NC-17 for sure...
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