August 29th, 2007

Wash likes dinosaurs

This can't be happening. This is not happening... right?

Nooooooo. You're supposed to get the Con Crud after Dragon*Con, not before! 

It feels like Klingons are doing a tap dance on my chest. My neck is all sweaty from the weight of my hair, and I'm in nice frigid air-conditioning. My throat... so scratchy I can't think of a clever way to describe it.

I'm snorting Zicam and about to go in search of hot soup... any more suggested remedies? I've gotta kick this, fast.
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Wash likes dinosaurs

Dragon*Con ho!!

(Not to be confused with Dragon*Con Ho. I'm a married woman now!)

Mainlining orange juice seems to have helped, so hopefully I'm ready for Dragon*Con. (Except for James reminding me "honey, we need to pack.")

I'm not good at organizing my Dragon*Con time. Chances are most people I see will be people I bump into, which is surprisingly pretty effective for catching up with my friends in a crowd of 35,000. Half the people I know in the world will be at con, and I don't flatter myself that you all want to meet up with me, but if for some reason you do, text-messaging me is the way to go, and email may also work. I'm sure I'll be stalking Voltaire a lot, too.

Everyone have a great weekend!