April 16th, 2008


They're out to retroactively ruin my childhood

raptorgirl linked to a couple of blogs dedicated to making fun of the Baby-Sitters Club: BSC Headquarters and What Claudia Wore. And they're hilarious, but I need to stay the hell away from him because... I loved those books. From like fourth to sixth or seventh grade. I obsessed over them, made the other girls sign contracts saying they'd replace my copies if they messed them up before I'd let them borrow them. Mary Anne was my favorite, until towards the end when I changed my mind and decided it was Kristy. And I did have a tiny inkling that Dawn was a bitch. And I abruptly stopped reading them once I went to TIP (academic summer camp) for the first time... we went to the bookstore, and the newest one was there, but I just didn't want to buy it, it was so weird, it might even have been the moment I started growing up. So even though the snark is totally deserved, I just dunno if I wanna go there. That's my childhood.
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