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Putting the smack down

Today I opened up my first can of whoop-ass on an Emory student.

One of the students I'll be TAing on Friday was sitting right next to me in Brit Lit lecture, writing something which obviously wasn't class notes. I told him not to do his homework for other classes during lecture. He replied it wasn't homework and he was paying attention to the professor, and continued blithely writing. Now I was pissed. And when the prof started reading from Beowulf, the kid didn't even get his book out.

As soon as the prof dismissed class, I told him to bring his book next time. He said he did bring it. I told him to get it out and follow along next time so he would get more out of the class.

It's a little early for me to make enemies, but it's not too early for me to assert my authority. And according to my prof, co-TA, and older, wiser, grad students, I handled it beautifully.

So those Emory students had better watch it, or they'll get Kellinated.

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