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My email to SaveKaryn

(as requested by cynical7)

"Either you are a brilliant satirist or you have a lot of learning to do.

The "Catholic guilt" you describe can't be too strong or you wouldn't be pulling a stunt like this. You seem to think you are a very nice person because you give tourists directions. That is nice, but *truly* nice people are nice without thinking about what rewards it will get them. And truly wise people understand that the cost of a person's clothing has nothing to do with their worth. (And truly smart people know that you can get cute stuff from Target for a fraction of Prada or Gucci.)

Even if you receive enough money from your website to pay for your hosting costs, you will never manage to stay out of debt for good until you learn wiser spending habits. I encourage you to seek credit counseling.

You seem to think that you're better than prostitutes. I have more respect for prostitutes than I do for you. At least they work for their money instead of sitting on high expecting people to just give it to you because you're nice and pretty.

I will pray for you to learn true wisdom and kindness."

Note: This is actually much gentler than what I actually intended to send -- I had to delete a bunch of messages and I got to thinking about the "catch more flies with honey" approach. The final line is a bit too sanctimonious, but I don't really care. Anyone else care to share their emails?

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