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Crystal-packin' momma

Lately I've gotten really interested in folk magick (hedge magick, as Adric calls it). Crystals/rocks/minerals/whatever are among the most accessible (and cheapest), so I've gotten a few I really like. The crystals I'm carrying today (and, incidentally, the only ones I own, unless I got some when I was a kid and forgot about them):

Near my heart chakra:

-- hematite (to help with depression; I take it out and rub it a lot. Adric says I might as well, I've tried everything else)
-- malachite (to help with expressing myself, per Janel's recommendation)
-- garnet (for passion. James admired the cut)
-- clear quartz (for amplification of the other stones)
-- rose quartz (two pieces. One is for romance and was used in conjunction with the garnet and clear quartz. The other is a piece I was really drawn to this weekend and am using to raise my self-love)

Power beads (I got these when the fad was huge a year or two ago, and rediscovered them recently. The fad's over, but I need the help):

-- rose quartz (love and friendship)
-- amethyst (intelligence)
-- fluorite (balance, though to tell the truth, I really got them because the stones are pretty)

If anyone has any recommendations, corrections, or crystals of their own, I'd love to hear.

Now I need to go pick out a very special crystal for a very special person.
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