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I can't believe I'm at work.

Normally I wouldn't mind too much working on a Saturday night -- it's very quiet, basically getting paid to surf the net. But tonight I'd much rather be at Movie Night, and I'm just not in a very surfy mood, especially since no one's really putting up new stuff for me to read. Plus my brain feels funny. :/ I don't think I could post anything exceptionally bright.

I feel so awful about the baby gerbil. I was holding one of shadesong and yendi's baby gerbils and it squirmed out of my hand and hit the floor. I was so afraid I had killed it, but it started moving. I still feel awful. That gerbil will probably be retarded and 'song is threatening to give me the gerbil that can't figure out how to use the gerbil wheel. Poor baby.

I ate too much ice cream. It was Brewster's and it was damn good, but I didn't really need a double.

Oh, for those of you who have been inquiring: I'll have new userpics spotlighting the new haircut soon.

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