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Questions I ask myself on a regular basis

Am I a jerk?
How did I get so neurotic?
Can cats understand English?
What's the best cell-phone provider?
Am I going to hell?
Who let the dogs out?
Am I as bad as THEY say I am?
If I could do things differently, would I?
Why did Homicide get cancelled?
Is everything going to be okay?
Are my parents proud of me?
Why is Sam such a cranky kitty?
Am I just a big whiner?
What happened to my self-esteem?
What's it like on Jupiter?
Is God listening?
Where's the best place to hang out?
What should I do next?
Are people just indulging me?
Why are lawyers so cranky?
Who first called it Tar-jay?
Do I expect too much?
Am I too hard on myself?
Why do I put so much of myself out here?

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