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Oh no.

Courtesy of ariedana and The Tennessean:

"Retiring Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson may be resuming his acting career.

Pending final negotiations, he will play the district attorney on NBC's Law & Order, replacing Dianne Wiest, who left after two seasons.

Spokesmen at Thompson's Washington office, at NBC and at Universal Studios, which distributes Law & Order, declined to comment on a story that appeared yesterday in The Hollywood Reporter saying Thompson will join the cast of the show. A spokesman for Universal Network Television did say no deal is done — yet.

If Thompson signs, he could end up acting and legislating at the same time. The series, entering its 13th year on NBC, is in production for the fall season. The senator's term officially ends in mid-January when his successor is sworn in, although Congress hopes to recess this year Oct. 4.

His movie roles have included Marie, In the Line of Fire, The Hunt for Red October and Baby's Day Out."

Just shut up and bring back Adam Schiff, you fuckers.

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