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Job perks

The new law students have just arrived, so my coworkers and I are getting all sorts of free food. Barbecue for lunch, Mexican for dinner... rock.

At Crystal Blue I did tarot readings for two of my coworkers and they both pronounced me magnificently accurate. I was pleased. In return, I got a much-needed shoulder rub. Rock!!

Also, a teenage girl came in with her mom and her friends to get a tarot deck. This was fun because I got to show off my tarot knowledge, recommend good beginner decks... it was fun to watch her choose. I remarked to the mom, "You're really cool; if I'd told my mom when I was a teenager that I wanted a tarot deck, she would have freaked." The mom sensibly said, "If you tell the mind not to go somewhere, it goes there anyway. And this way I get to learn something new too." Smart lady.

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