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I'm sorry... really I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I whine so much. I'm sorry I'm depressed. I'm sorry I have mood swings...

I thought a lot this weekend about how much I have to be thankful for. I have a good job which I enjoy the vast majority of the time and which will get me started on a career I'm good at, a second job which is fun and gives me a great discount, three best friends that I'd take a bullet for and count it a blessing, many other people who I am lucky to know and who I like to think care about me a little bit, a family I love that loves me back despite not especially understanding me, health insurance, a nice place to live without a bitch roommate, kind landlords, an adorable part-time cat that licks my face and curls up with me, lots and lots of crap which I don't need but like nonetheless, a parking pass so I don't have to sit at work till the lot attendant goes home, a sick sense of humor which occasionally makes people laugh, more freedom than the vast majority of people on earth past or present, a brain which I can put to some use, an excellent education, a chance to rise again in the city of the phoenix, food on my table and shoes on my feet. (It's a country song.)

I don't even know who I'm apologizing to...

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