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trying to make a point in a roundabout way

Today at work I was sent to the divinity library to try and track down a book review of a prof's latest book.

It's a good thing I don't work there or General, because I'd never get anything done. I got really caught up in the magazine the review was in, The Christian Century.

I don't tend to read much Christian-oriented stuff because as one writer in The Christian Century pointed out, it's propaganda, not art or literature. But this magazine is terrific. It's thoughtful and accessible on a wide range of topics, including current events, politics, philosophy, and other religions. I would say it's geared toward the progressive Christian, but if you're Christian and feel you're not represented by the Religious Right (and even if you are), I highly recommend it.

And here's the point...

I love to read. To learn. About all sorts of stuff. I love nonfiction as well as fiction (in fact, several of my very favorite books are nonfiction), intellectual stuff as well as trash.

I lost so much of myself in the depression that started in the summer of '99 and only intensified during grad school. One of the main things was my intellectual curiosity. I rarely did my homework the last semester; by last winter I barely had the attention span to read anything longer than a magazine article.

It's coming back. I'm thinking again. I'm hungering for knowledge of just random shit and satisfying that hunger -- on my own -- in a way grad school never did. I feel so alive.

Welcome home, brain. I missed you.

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