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Goodness all around

They think they've caught the snipers. I've been following this case way too closely, but even I was surprised at the sense of overweening relief that swept me when I heard the news.

I look damn good today. Hott, even. My makeup looks great and I'm having a kick-ass hair day that makes me love my haircut. Thank you, Natalia and Lancome!!

Reading a really enjoyable (so far) romance novel for review for . It amazes me how I can get such enjoyment out of highbrow (snobby, even) periodicals and groundbreaking nonfiction on one hand and total pop-culture junk food on the other. Well, not really. Much like how I have food orgasms at the Melting Pot but still sometimes nothing but McDonald's french fries will do.

My co-workers and I were talking about alumni donations and how they never go where they're supposed to, so I think if/when I can afford to make a donation to Vandy, I'll just go directly through my old friends at McTyeire International House and the English department to make sure it goes to the right place. Oh, and the library.

We won at trivia again last night!! We joined forces with another team (a couple in their sixties) and called ourselves "Together We'll Beat You Twice As Bad."

And best of all, I got inserts for my Skechers so now they don't give me blisters. I am stylin'!!

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