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Here's my nifty idea

So many people have been talking about wanting mental stimulation lately that I'm starting to think about starting an Atlanta salon. We could learn and talk about stuff that interests us without having to bow to stuffy professors, and we could even start a community here on LJ for it.

The group itself would have to be Atlanta-centered, but the LJ community could be open to people from all over. We could use it to discuss, recommend good books etc., tell people about our personal research interests (like, I could lead a discussion of postmodernism in comic books, what I did my undergrad thesis on). We could meet up in person once or twice a month to discuss.

I wouldn't want to make it too strenous (you must read this book and come prepared to discuss it or else!!), because real life gets in the way, and I want this to be fun. Everyone could put in as much or as little effort as they wanted.

What do you think? If I get a positive response here, I'll take it to the Atlanta communities.

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