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Fucking bitches

Fuck Survivor and fuck me for watching it.

I got so upset I was screaming at the television. Penny is a cunt and to hear her talk about "what goes around comes around" when she treated Shii Ann like dirt is the sort of fucking hypocrisy that makes me want to beat the fucking shit out of people.

Why am I so upset over a stupid TV show? Because I am Shii Ann -- the girl who's a little too smart, a litte too stubborn, and a little too weird to ever fit in, and because Penny and Erin (fucking go to hell both of you) are every cheerleader, every Vanderbitch who ever looked down on me, who ever made fun of me, who ever treated me like dirt and then made me out to be the bad guy. And because Ken and Jake are every "friend" who ever sold me out for whatever reason -- looking good, beng popular, wanting to prove something stupid, having my own mind, wanting to have sex with my boyfriend, etc.

I'm a bad person, but at least I'm honest enough to admit it.

And no matter how strong, how confident I get, there's always the little girl who never fit in just waiting for something to set her off.

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