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America's youth are now in my hands. Be very afraid.

Tomorrow is my first TA session. I'm getting more nervous to the point where I'll probably barf on myself in the classroom tomorrow morning. Not a good way to instill respect for authority in what one of my favorite professors calls "the little fucks."

I have to teach them Beowulf. What the fuck do I know about Beowulf? Well, more than they do, for sure. I'm looking forward to telling them that "when I was your age we read Beowulf in the snow uphill both ways." What if they don't laugh? Oh-my-gosh-what-if-they-don't-laugh. I will be shot for the whole fucking semester if they don't laugh. And the kid that I chewed out Wednesday is in my discussion group. Nanbear said that if I had said that to her she would have told me to stuff it. Or something like that.

I was going to read them a few lines in the original but i can't find them to print out. What if I screw them up? Like they'll know. Knowing my luck, there will be some smartass who sprung from the womb proclaiming "HWAET!!" What if I haven't prepared enough? What if they decide Katy is the cool TA and I'm the sucky TA? What if I drink too much coffee before class and need to pee?

I know that panicking will make it worse, but that just makes me panic about panicking!

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