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I have seen the face of abject horror.

I was over at HugMe and jonnyX's place the other night to offer a little nurturing (they're both sick). HugMe and I discover that we both like Weird Al Yankovic. HugMe says, "You've got to hear this one."

He starts playing this parody of "Cat's in the Cradle" (by, I believe, Harry Chapin) called "Cat's in the Kettle." The premise of the song has to do with the urban legend that Chinese restaurants cook and serve cats.

We're giggling when I turn my head... and discover that jonnyX has just wandered into the room. With a cat cradled in his arms. The expression on his face... the only way I can describe it is "abject horror." I halfway expected him to take both cats and go hide in the garage or something.

I have a feeling that jonnyX won't be leaving his cats alone with HugMe for the foreseeable future.

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