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My goodbye

Granny Sallye always loved word puzzles. Crossword puzzles, find-a-words, the jumble in the newspaper. And she was good at them, too. They seemed to be the only thing to really bring her much joy after my grandfather died, before we realized she was getting sick. I like to think they kept her alert for longer. It was really a horrible sign that she was going when she stopped doing them.

Monday night I stopped at Wal-Mart and bought a find-a-word book, one that looked like the brand she used to get. I wrote her a letter telling her how much I love her and I put it inside the book.

When we got to the funeral home on Tuesday for the funeral, I went up with Mom and I put the book in with Granny. I wanted to put it in her hands, but Mom wanted me to put it beside her instead.

Mom said, "Now she'll have something to do through eternity."
I said, "No she won't, I forgot to bring a pen."

I went to the funeral home office and made them give me a pen. It wouldn't have been right otherwise.

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