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Are we at war yet?

The national security level is being raised to orange, which means UT is playing this weekend...

There will be a press conference to discuss this at 1 today. What do you think Dubya's going to tell us?

Poll #99898 So sayeth the Shrub

"My fellow Americans...

we're all going to die."
you're all going to die. I, on the other hand, will be holed up in my underground bunker drinking Colt 45 with some fine bitches."
don't worry, I have a strategery."
I have proof that Saddam Hussein blew up the Columbia. Well, I have a hunch, anyway. That's as good as proof. Don't mess with Texas."
has anyone seen Dick Cheney?"
I like big butts and I cannot lie."
it is time to light the Bat-Signal."
Sieg Heil!"

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