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Answers, part 1

bethynyc: Probably nothing, but I always go ahead and say something stupid anyway.

stoobydoo: I don't think I know you well enough to give you a really good answer, but I think you sound fun and adventurous.

bouncepogo: I'm so flattered!! I'm not sure; part of it is "We laugh to keep from crying." Mocking everything has been a way for me to deal with my depression, my loneliness, and my shitty hometown -- not to mention the Bush administration. Basically, it's a defense mechanism -- I've been so convinced of my own insignificance that I try to make people laugh so they'll be forced to admit I'm there. Maybe it's finally starting to work.

sujata: The smart money says MSG.

dslartoo: You're smart, funny, and confident. What's not to aspire to?

luckychance: Happily married, with my MLS (master's of library science) and a good library job, lots of friends, and a baby on the way. I don't ask much, do I?

mfree: You know you gotta give me more than one word to work with.

capitalfellow: I was seeing your comments and atomicnumber51 kept saying how cool you were. I read most of them, actually. Not all of them post very often.

cnfsdyoie: Eight. I think.

kimberly_a: I'm not sure. My childhood was a little on the dysfunctional side.

wolfieboy: This was a hard one, and you knew it would be. 1). My fucked-up sense of humor. Other people may not get it, but I think I'm fucking hilarious. 2). My thirst for knowledge. When I get interested in something, especially something obscure like the history of the British monarchy, I keep researching it and reading about it till I'm satisfied. 3). The way I stand by my friends.

alison_says: 42. Seriously, I think it's to be the best person you can and have fun. The problem is that no one agrees on what constitutes those two things.

lulabellafp: Loyalty, and being able to snark with me.

adellyna: I don't think I have one. I need one.

supposed: I missed most of the '80s, but I think I'll have to go with Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

kanga2roos: It was tired of the circus, so it ran away to join the Marines.

argentumlupine: Because there's only one answer and if you have something different, they won't even listen to you, as opposed to, say, English classes.

wolvy: Because people are dicks. I'm sorry. I'm in the same boat.

More, people!!

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