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Answers, part two

taoskye: There was this one robot cartoon that was only on for one season on ABC that I liked a lot. I don't even remember the name. Later there were the Disney cartoons (Ducktales, Talespin, Darkwing Duck), and man oh man did I love the X-Men animated series.

vill: Because I was Tulip's best friend, I would have to kick his ass. But if I were still Kelly, I'd probably end up taking him home with me. I am passionately in love with Cassidy even though he is a total asshole... I think I have a thing for vampires with sexy accents.

mrswarkie: Well, I love Homicide (even though I can't get it on TV anymore), and there are a whole bunch of songs that cheer me up, at least for a few minutes. Run Around, Semi-Charmed Life, pretty much anything by the Barenaked Ladies or They Might Be Giants, I could go on and on...

dinesha: I do read, really. I just don't always have time to comment, or anything interesting to say. But I'm reading.

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