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Dixie Chicks, again

The thing that bugs me the most about the whole Dixie Chicks thing is how stupid it's making country music fans look. "Yeah!! Them bitches need to shut their pieholes and get in the kitchen and make me some pie!! Play that Have You Forgotten song!! Kill some Arabs!! Yeeeehaw!!"

I really don't think the outcry would have been as severe if a man had said it -- though there would still be an outcry.

(I was raised on country music so I get to say this stuff. Remember, you can say anything you want about a minority as long as you're in said minority.)

I think it will be funny if in a few months, all these people destroying their CDs realize that "Have You Forgotten" is a piece of crap and have to go buy second copies of their Dixie Chicks CDs.

Darrell Waltrip is a Republican. I wasn't thrilled when I found out, but I didn't stop rooting for him. Even though I think he sounds like an idiot when he talks about politics. Proposed rule: All celebrities should keep their mouths shut about politics unless they can talk about them without sounding like idiots.

And something else I've had it with: People who say that if you don't support the war, you don't support our troops. Bullshit. Part of the reason I don't support this war is because I love our troops (especially my cousin David, a father of three and a Navy chaplain currently in parts unknown because he can't tell us where he is -- we think it's Kuwait) and don't want to see them killed, hurt, or otherwise traumatized over a war which I believe is Junior's grudge match. I absolutely go through the roof when I hear people accusing protestors of that. I will never mistreat someone because they fought in the war (unless they committed war crimes) and I believe the vast majority of those against the war feel the same way.

So anyway, I like the Dixie Chicks, I think their music is great, I'd think that even if they said "President Bush is a terrific guy," I'm going to buy one of their CDs as soon as I get a chance and if I had the money, I'd buy copies for all my friends. Probably won't make much of a difference, but it'll make me feel better. Who knows, maybe I'll get up off my lazy ass and send them a fan letter to counter all the hate mail they must be getting.

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