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Girls who wear glasses

Well, the one good thing to come out of yesterday's debacle: I now have new glasses. I haven't had new glasses in eight years, and broke those a few months ago.

Picking them out was a pain in the ass. I actually called atomicnumber51 for help, and we discovered that we finally had a reason we'd want the stupid cell-phone-that-can-take-and-send-pictures. Then I wandered around LensCrafters asking strangers for opinions. Picking glasses is worse than buying clothes; if the clothes end up sucking, you're probably not out that much, but you're stuck with the glasses.

I ended up with a pair of wire-rimmed cat's-eye glasses. I love them! I think they actually look really cool. And as Natalia said, "every librarian needs cat's-eye glasses."

Not yet the sexy librarian that deza is, but trying! ;)

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