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Speaking of post-feminist...

Here in Georgia they've been talking a lot about Martha Burke, Hootie Johnson, and whether the Masters should admit women.

Well, I think Hootie Johnson is a cranky old coot and the Masters should join the twenty-first century and admit women already. But I have to admit, when I think about all the issues of concern to women today, I understand why fewer and fewer women self-identify as feminists. We used to talk about this in my women's studies classes as a sort of ivory-tower effect: the feminist spokespeople making most of their noise over things which are not necessarily of interest to most women. As far as I'm concerned, Hootie can keep his boys' club if we can have equal pay for equal work, affordable child care, and a myriad of other things that I just think are of far more importance to the average woman than joining a club that only filthy rich people can afford to join anyway.

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