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The profanity tally

8:53 AM -- Realize I've left my cell phone in the house.
"Fucking fuck!!"
8:59 AM -- White Geo pulls out in front of me.
"Fuck you!!"
9:12 AM -- No parking spaces left.
"...please, please, please, FUCK, please."
9:17 AM -- Fumbling with parking tag
"Come on, motherfucker!!"
10:05 AM -- Forgot to put lunch in freezer
"Oh, shit!!"
10:46 AM -- Problems with an ILL request
(under breath) "Shit."
11:18 AM -- Another ILL problem
(under breath) "Shit."
1:10 PM -- Requested book is checked out
(under breath) "Shit."
1:32 PM -- Already forgot why
(under breath) "Fuck."
1:33 PM -- Non-circulating book
(under breath) "Shit."
2:31 PM -- Missing book
(under breath) "Shit."
2:45 PM -- World's Slowest Elevator
4:00 PM -- Book not on shelf
4:25 PM -- Wrong law journal
"Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit."
4:30 PM -- Copier out of paper
7:08 PM -- IMing with pxlboy
"Then again, I'm motherfuckin' stubborn."

Spoken = 24
Written (on LJ) = 3
Total = 27

I know that doesn't sound like much, but don't worry, I'm going to talk to atomicnumber51 tonight and we all know what that will lead to.

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