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Feast or famine

It seems these days my life is in one of two extremes:

1). A nice calm state of normalcy where I go to work, act like a grownup, go home and pet the cat, then fall asleep in front of the ball game. Basically, what my mom does. This manner of living BORES ME TO TEARS but at least it's predictable.

2). DRAMA!!!! This one, a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows (mostly lows), impairs my ability to sleep and otherwise function, pisses my friends off because I spend way too much time bitching, and generally turns me into a raging bitch, but at least I know I'm alive.

What I want is somewhere between the two, a nice interesting exciting but not too stressful existence. What I have to do to find that, I haven't figured out yet.

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