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More shower questions, from champignon

1. So many people have no clue what goes on in libraries or what people who work there do. How did you get interested in or started in library work?

I've always loved going to the library; most of the people at my hometown public library remember me from when I was a kid. The summer after my freshman year of high school, my mom mentioned that I should do some volunteer work to get ready for college applications and how about the library? I volunteered all summer, loved it, they hired me in the fall. I worked there throughout high school and when I was home from college in the summers, then a little at the Vanderbilt and then Emory libraries. When I got kicked out of grad school (for English), I still had my summer job in the library, and that's when I realized the place I was supposed to be was the place I had been in all along. I should have realized that when I got more satisfaction from my student job printing out OCLC records for seven bucks an hour than all my theory work. ;)

2. As a Witch who was brought up in an extremely fundamentalist Southern Baptist household, the blending of Christian and Pagan spiritualities is an extremely interesting, yet admittedly foreign, concept to me. How did you come to this path and how do you blend the monotheistic Christian tradition with the more open Pagan practices?

It just sorta... happened. My Christian beliefs (hey, I'm a recovering Southern Baptist too!) are probably too strongly ingrained in me for me to stop believing in them, but I've always been drawn to the pagan. I just ended up at a New Age store one day when I was at the end of my rope and that's where I started dabbling in magic. I'm probably more Christian than Christopagan, per se, but there's something wonderfully comforting about lighting candles etc. As for what I practice, it's mainly monotheistic Christianity, but with (clumsy) attempts at spellwork, working with saints (St. Jude has been of great comfort to me), and a general openness to the unknown. Do people start telling me I'm going to hell now? ;)

3. Congratulations on starting your novel. That's a really courageous act. Have you always wanted to write a book? When did you first know you wanted to?

I think I've always known I was a writer. I started making my first attempts at writing books in elementary school. For me, it's not something I became, it's something I am, though it's something I've been away from for quite a while. But this time the book is giving me labor pains, screaming to get out... I just hope I can finish this time! And btw, thank you! =)

4. Of what in your life are you most proud?

You know, in the past it was always academic accomplishments, but when it gets right down to it, those things are almost transitory. I think the thing I'm truly the proudest of is my absolute refusal to give up on life. My dad told me once I'm a survivor. Second would probably be the caring I give to other people.

5. And a light four-part question for the end... What's your favorite drink... (a) at a bar with friends, (b) at a party, (c) out on a date, and (d) at home?

Mmmmm, fun! Now these four are pretty interchangeable, but I'll pick just one for each:

(a) Long Island Iced Tea
(b) the funkiest thing that's being whipped up -- usually something very girly
(c) Toasted Almond (Kahlua, amaretto, and milk or cream)
(d) Woodchuck cider

Thanks! These were great questions!

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