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Shower meme questions from weaklikekitten

1. What's the biggest personal breakthrough you've experienced this year?

** kellinator feels uncomfortably like she hasn't made any progress at all **

To pick the biggest thing: I've learned that just because my life isn't going like I thought it was "supposed" to when I was an idealizing seventeen-year-old doesn't mean that it's going badly. Sometimes your plans change, and sometimes the thing you thought you wanted isn't the thing you needed at all.

2. Is being southern a state of mind or just related to birthplace?

Oh, total state of mind. Even for someone like me who doesn't even fit a lot of the stereotypical notions of what "Southern" is. I may scare the crap out of my family members and make my mama wonder where she went wrong with me, but I still want my tea sweet, my chicken fried, and men to open doors for me.

3. What skill do you have that others envy?

Hmmmm... not sure what I have that others envy. Maybe my tarot reading skills. Maybe my writing ability. Maybe my ability to be nice, though I wonder exactly why the hell anybody would want it.

4. Where in Atlanta do you have the most fun?

I don't know if I really have a lot of fun in Atlanta. I used to have a blast at Innovox, but it's long gone... :( Pretty much just anywhere where I'm with friends who want me around. Can anyone recommend some fun stuff in Atlanta?

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