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Today I had some Hershey's Miniatures with me that were leftovers from Friday, when i brought them for my undergrads during their exam. I shared them with my Contemporary Women Novelists class. Prof. Brownley walked in to see the chocolate piled on the table and exclaimed "Rock and roll!!" She then digressed about how she never passes up chocolate and alcohol and there's never a bad time for chocolate and alcohol. Then she started complaining about the previous class' discussion of our novel for the day. I started showering her with chocolate while a classmate said "I'll get the alcohol."

She told me at the end of class that she thought the chocolate really improved the class.

I asked her some questions about the paper she's assigned and she really seemed to like my topic. She also told me she wasn't worried about my paper because "you write like an angel." It was one of those perfect little moments that I want to write on my heart so I'll never forget.

I want to be just like Prof. Brownley when I grow up... only like me, too.
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