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Homicide geekage

There was one thing about last week that didn't suck. I am now listed as one of the contributors at Homicide: Links on the Sites.

And in the "even better" category, Season 3 is coming to DVD October 28. I'm wondering if they sped up the release date because the first set has sold so well -- it's currently #55 at Amazon in the DVD section and has been as high as the top 20. Season 3 may have the most bang for the buck -- Crosetti's suicide, Pembleton's loss of faith, and one of television's most brilliant story arcs, the "Officer Down" storyline. Not to mention nude photos of Munch. ;)

scarcrest says the detective I'm most like is Kellerman -- snarky, witty, hot-tempered, fun-loving, Irish. I think this is his way of saying I drink too much.

Hey, logand, why Howard? Not that I'm not honored, mind you! ;)

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