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Survivor rocks.

I admit it freely and without shame: I love Survivor. Have since partway through the first season, when my then-boss' enthusiasm (read: ranting) inspired me to tune in. Within minutes I was hooked and threatening to vote one of my roommates off the island. I find the psychology of it utterly fascinating. I remain totally addicted. I've backed out of memorial services to watch it (shame! shame!) and fast-talked skeptical friends into viewing it whether they wanted to or not. Most academics and more-intellectual-than-thou types look down on me for my unabashed adoration of this "silly" little show, but hey, it's not the first time. (Some of my profs still can't believe I actually read and even review romance novels. But I digress.)

Everyone knows that part of the charm of Survivor is the bad guys you love to hate. Jerri. Richard. But this cast sure overdid it. Between the Gen-Xers from Hell, the bitchy older generation, Clarence the cherry-napper, and Tom the redneck/Grand Wizard, there's not a whole lot to go on. In my opinion, part of the fun is also rooting for the good guys, the ones you identify with. Who wouldn't love to have a mom like Gretchen (who has cashed in on her fame to raise money for charity), a grandpa like Rodger, shopping buddies like Elisabeth and Colleen? Not many of those in this cast.

However, there is the incomparable Lex. Lex is smart, calm, resourceful, and nice. He's also my first Survivor crush.

Lex and I are going to have beautiful babies. They'll have my brown eyes... and his blue hair.

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