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Time to update my interests

I want my interests list to say as much about what makes me me as it possibly can. Which means it's time to revise it. Time to cut out some of those meaningless interests that everyone has -- tv, movies, music, of course I like those! Who doesn't? Time to replace them with ones that say more about me -- Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson (the geniuses behind Rushmore, my favorite movie). And... umm... I forgot. But I'm sure it'll come back to me as I'm updating the list.

I wonder what someone reading the list for the first time would think. What Christianity and paganism are doing together? I'm a Christian who practices a little bit of magick, and believe me, I'm getting it from both sides for that one. How about the liberal stuff? Yes, I'm one of the three liberal Christians remaining in the South. Hmm, the South would be a good interest.

And just in case anyone is wondering, cheese is going back up ;)

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