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In which the Kellinator blows her budget and diet in the name of the grass-roots movement

Last night sirinek lured me out to Manuel's Tavern for drinks with some of the people from Howard Dean's campaign.

So there I am, tired and hungry, only intending to have one drink because I'm broke and have leftovers for dinner anyway, and the only person at the table who hasn't absolutely decided that Dean's my man. I mean, no offense, sirinek, but of course the links you've sent me say he's great. A candidate who can't sound good in his own promotional material needs to go back to Candidate School.

But regardless I'm hoping to learn some useful information, so I turn to one of the campaign chairs sitting next to me and say "So what do you think is the key to Dean's early success?"

The guy gives me a glare that clearly says How dare you question the Master!!!!! and says something completely useless like "because he's the best candidate!!" Dude, I know you think that already! Otherwise you wouldn't be here! Tell me something I don't know!

I have concluded:

Second-least useful place to get objective information about a candidate: Said candidate's campaign rally.

Least useful place to get objective information about a candidate: Drinks with candidates' supporters after the rally.

But anyway, then we got to bitching about politics and pretty soon I needed a second drink, and I couldn't drink on an empty stomach so I ordered some food too, and pretty soon I was even broker (is that a word?). But it was fun to hear the Clinton impersonations.

Oh, here's an interesting article about the primary:

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