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Girly ramblings

I am wearing a skirt today. A swirly skirt. With ruffles. And glitter makeup. I feel all lovely and feminine. Good feeling. Must wear more skirts.

I think my legs would look good in skirts if it weren't for all the bug bites. I have pretty decent calf muscles. Must be all that time climbing the stairs.

I haven't been watching what I eat as much as I should be. It's hard when so much of your socializing ends up being over dinner or drinks or both. I have no idea if I've lost any more weight since I went to the doctor in April because I don't have a scale, but my tummy, while still not where I want it to be, seems a little more girly-belly like Bruce Willis' girlfriend in Pulp Fiction and a little less Buddha. Oh, and I think my face is getting more angular. I like that.

I want to hurry up and lose some more so I can upgrade my wardrobe. I think probably most of us, when we're unhappy with our looks/weight, punish ourselves by picking out hideous clothing that screams "I'm fat!!" I should probably start watching What Not To Wear to pick up tips on dressing. I have no clothes sense.

I think I'll start wearing more skirts.

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