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Shower meme questions from spiritchaser1

Sorry these are so late! Just trying to wrap up...

1. What is your biggest fear?

Snakes. I'm so phobic I can barely even look at them in photos or on television. Dying alone, or rather living my entire life alone. Being the person my worst enemies say I am.

2. What are you happiest with in your life?

I would have to try and answer this on a day I'm down in the dumps, huh? I will say that though I'm not in that spot today, two of the things that make me the happiest are 1). I do have a great capacity for caring, and I've done what I can to make life better for my friends. I don't know if it's helped, but I like to think so. 2). I'm learning to embrace who I am instead of holding myself to other people's stupid standards, and I'm learning to analyze the things I've done and try to take something positive out of all the bad things that have happened.

3. Describe a dream or ambition you had as a child. Do you still hold that dream?

Writing a book, and hell yeah!! :)

4. What's your favorite day of the year, and why?

Christmas Eve. It's better than Christmas because there's still the bustle of getting ready, the family togetherness, and the anticipation. It's not nearly as fun now that I'm older and my aunt and uncle don't usually come for Christmas, but those are fond memories.

5. Favorite place to hang out in Atlanta? (doesn't have to be a bar or club)

Loved Innovox while it lasted. And I always enjoy hanging out with my old coworkers at Crystal Blue.

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