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Hey, Seattle peeps!!

I know some of you are out there, so if you have a chance... this sounds fucking cool.

From Bill Barnes at Unshelved (a hysterical comic strip set in a library, check if you haven't seen it):

Those of you who live in the Seattle area have a chance to witness something new this weekend - a public 24-hour comic marathon. Comics scholar Scott McCloud invented the challenge of writing and drawing a 24 page comic in 24 hours. Now Cartoonists Northwest is sponsoring the first-ever public challenge featuring the best and/or stupidest of our local cartoonists, each producing their own comic book. For some perspective, a single page from a professional comic book usually takes two to three days to produce. We're going to do one an hour. I'll be there with local greats Donna Barr, Roberta Gregory, John Lustig, Phil Foglio, and many more. Stop by and see what we're doing, keep us awake, and buy some of our wares. It's history in the making!

5pm Saturday June 28 - 5pm Sunday June 29, Seattle's Broadway Market. More info at

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